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Creating lasting personal memories

Paintings are usually commissioned when someone wants to create a special memory or give a gift that has significant meaning. The work is usually created specifically for an individual or family. Commissioned paintings can be of a special landscape, sometimes a home, or a favourite animal. These paintings can bring joy into the life of the owner for years.

Many artists do commission work, so it is important to choose an artist whose style resonates with you already. If you have something special in mind, please feel free to contact Carol Barnwell to discuss all your ideas with absolutely no obligation to proceed further.

Every commissioned painting is different, and they will vary in size, subject matter, and complexity, so it is impossible to provide a ‘one size fits all’ quote online. However, Carol would love to hear your ideas, see a few photographs, and discuss the best way forward within your budget.


Carol welcomes any enquiries about collaborations, herself, her work and commissions. Please feel free to contact her using the contact form below.

Jersey cow painting<br />
Kingfisher painting<br />
Goose painting<br />
flowers painting